About Us

About Us

Well, hello there and welcome to our cozy corner of the internet. We’re happy you’ve come and hope you leave feeling inspired, or at least a little curious about what you can concoct in your kitchen. We’re two folks who happen to both be from tropical climates (albeit distant ones: Florida and Hawaii) who were lucky enough to find each other and even luckier now to share a life and kitchen together.

Whenever we follow a recipe we find ourselves tinkering with ratios, adding and subtracting ingredients, and often crafting an entirely new dish instead of the one we were originally making. And our trips to restaurants usually lead to later creation sessions riffing on pieces that we didn’t feel quite hit the mark or would have been better with a little something extra.

We decided to create a space for our culinary experiments and successes in hopes that our excess use of garlic, shallots, anchovies, and other flavorful ingredients will speak to others outside of our sort of stinky fragrant home. And we also hope you’ll feel excited to use your kitchen just a little more or try something new you didn’t think you could do.

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